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Baikal Zen Large

“Nature is the true and only artist”. It is thanks to this magical notion that Alessandro Trambaioli was inspired for his work BAIKAL ZEN.
In Russia, on the Bakal Lake, the deepest lake in the world, due to the thick layer of ice that forms seasonally, a strange natural occurrence takes place: the stones present on its surface, appear suspended and motionless above the frozen mantle, as a result of melting and wear caused by the wind.
The sun, the cold and the wind gift humans with this extraordinary natural occurrence: by shaping the glass and combining it with the simplicity of stones, Alessandro gives life to a work full of charm and incredulity.
Everyday life prevents the eyes from admiring the beauties of Nature: with this work Alessandro tries to draw people's attention to recognize the beauty of what surrounds us.

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Year of production
Width:  18 cm  -  7.09 in
Height11 cm -  4.33 in
Depth: 18 cm - 7.09 in
Murano glass, river pebble

Alessandro Trambaioli

His art is a combination of creativity and the ability to allow divergent thinking. Born in Rovigo in 1973, Alessandro describes his passion and culture through the unmistakable rhythmicity of glass, a versatile and unique material, capable of evoking magic and fierceness.

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