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  • HEART - vis a vis - Fine Art
  • HEART - vis a vis - Fine Art
  • HEART - vis a vis - Fine Art
  • HEART - vis a vis - Fine Art
  • HEART - vis a vis - Fine Art
  • HEART - vis a vis - Fine Art

Earth - Vis a Vis

An inspiration that stems from Mother Nature. The key elements of these works are the four alchemical elements par excellence: water, fire, earth and air.
The artist transforms his works into experiences that live over time, in an essential form, stripped of all that is not necessary. Only details that describe the meaning of nature itself remain: respect, sustainability and transformation.
The observer of the work should understand the meaning of living on this planet through the piece: the idea of beauty contained in every detail, the relationship of our ego with what surrounds us, be it animal, vegetable or mineral.

€ 16.500 + VAT
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Year of production
Width:  43 cm  -  16.93 in
Height26 cm -  10.24 in
Depth: 8 cm - 3.15 in
Murano glass, epoxy resin, nickel

Alessandro Trambaioli

His art is a combination of creativity and the ability to allow divergent thinking. Born in Rovigo in 1973, Alessandro describes his passion and culture through the unmistakable rhythmicity of glass, a versatile and unique material, capable of evoking magic and fierceness.

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