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  • The Cheshire Cat
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • The Cheshire Cat

Alice - The Cheshire Cat

Through an innovative interpretation of Murano glass, the characters of Alice in Wonderland come to life!
Inspired by the book by Lewis Carroll, Alessandro Trambaioli signs his new figurative universe.
Made in the vitreous part by the master Mario Furlan, and in the sculptural part by Alessandro himself, the figures take on evocative and disturbing features, approaching in a spectacular way the original spirit of Carroll’s text.

The Alice in Wonderland Collection

The Queen of Hearts
The Cheshire Cat
The Caterpillar
The Mad Hatter
Tweedledum e Tweedledee
The mushroom forest

€ 29.250 + VAT
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Year of production
Width:  36 cm  -  14.17 in
Height51 cm -  20.08 in
Depth: 34 cm - 13.39 in
Murano glass, epoxy resin

Alessandro Trambaioli

His art is a combination of creativity and the ability to allow divergent thinking. Born in Rovigo in 1973, Alessandro describes his passion and culture through the unmistakable rhythmicity of glass, a versatile and unique material, capable of evoking magic and fierceness.

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