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The magic of glass reveals the deception of the Achaean warriors. A sculpture of great power with which the artist highlights the majesty of the horse and meticulously portrays the dark side of truth.
Burnt wood, symbol of fire, metal and glass are the elements that have allowed a reinterpretation of the work in a contemporary key. Together they give shape to a majestic gift, which also guides the user towards a path of annihilation.
Being able to wade inside the famous "horse" allows you to enter the invisible and fantasize through the fusion of the individual components.
Enveloped in glass, every single element invites the attentive eyes of the observer to mold themselves with them and to be part of a sculpture where everyone can become the protagonist.

€ 45.000 + VAT
Request Information
Year of production
Width:  49 cm  -  19.29 in
Height92 cm -  36.22 in
Depth: 63 cm - 24.80 in
Murano glass, epoxy resin, charred wood

Alessandro Trambaioli

His art is a combination of creativity and the ability to allow divergent thinking. Born in Rovigo in 1973, Alessandro describes his passion and culture through the unmistakable rhythmicity of glass, a versatile and unique material, capable of evoking magic and fierceness.

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