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Lob White

A spider descends from the ceiling, its multiple legs invading the space and illuminating it.
Slender limbs move through the air waiting for the next prey.
Transparencies and opacities mingle in eerie organic forms.
The aesthetics of nature become a tool for re-interpreting the Venetian chandelier.

€ 48.000 + VAT
Year of production
Width:  145 cm  -  57.09 in
Height75 cm -  29.53 in
Lattimo glass, steel

Leo De Carlo

Born in Venice in 1972. He graduated in Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic.

After an experience in the field of goldsmith design, he arrives in Philippe Starck's studio. In Paris he is fascinated by design capable of expressing traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary key. Back in Italy he pursues these expressions by starting to collaborate with companies in which manual skill is a distinguishing element of production.

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