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THE ACQUATIC COLLECTION. In The 18th century the scientist, Alexander Von Humboldt introduced the concept of an interconnected world as we know today, where nature is understood as one interdependent organism and the smallest being is as responsible for the whole.
My first aspiration was to investigate the relationship between different organic lives. I start by imagining a merged ecosystem made of human inner organs and other forms of lives. I perceive their interiority, their cells, their continuity of forms and colours as a unified interconnected underwater ecosystem and Interconnectedness artwork was born. From a distance it looks like a common coral reef, as one enhances observation and approaches the real meaning appears.
You are invited to approach, observe and feel our interconnectedness with nature.

Year of production
Width:  110 cm  -  43.31 in
Height90 cm -  35.43 in
Depth: 40 cm - 15.75 in
Engraved melted glass, painted wood, painted iron
Tal Waldman

Tal Waldman

Trained in architecture (DPLG) and Fine Arts, Tal Waldman is a interdisciplinary artist and designer whose work is inspired by various cultures encountered during her stays in Israel, India, Germany, Greece and Paris, where she currently lives. She divides her time between creation, research and publishing. Architect, designer, artist, she works in a transdisciplinary way using different mediums, sculpture, photography & installation but her common thread remains drawing.

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