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ICÔNE 2020 (50x50cm)

Icône 2020 is a sculpture originated from a unique and unprecedented collaboration between Hungarian-born artist Vera Molnar, pioneer of computer art based in Paris, and a traditional Venetian glassmaker team. This collaboration creates a link that connects for the first time the history of computer art with the ancient tradition of glassmaking with the aim of taking both arts to new unexplored levels.

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Year of production
Width:  50 cm  -  19.69 in
Height50 cm -  19.69 in
Depth: 2,5 cm - 0.79 in
Murano glass, gold leaf

Vera Molnar | 1924-2023

Vera Molnár, born 1924 in Hungary, is one of the pioneers of computer and algorithmic arts.
Trained as a traditional artist, Molnár studied for a diploma in art history and aesthetics at the Budapest College of Fine Arts. She iterated combinatorial images from as early as 1959. In 1968 she began working with computers, where she began to create algorithmic paintings based on simple geometric shapes geometrical themes. Molnár created her first non-representational images in 1946.

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