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Forced 05

The Forced series is a metaphor for the forces that people are constantly subjected to. Social, psychological, cultural, and physical forces that, over time, distort our spirit and our body.
Everyone reacts differently to such forces: however, everyone, is influenced by them.
These works react in the same way. The pressure of the metal to which the glass is subjected is similar for each piece: but the thickness, density and shape of the vase lead each time to a different result in terms of volume and, consequently, aesthetics.

€ 3.600 + VAT
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Year of production
Height58 cm -  22.83 in
Depth: 23 cm - 9.06 in
Murano glass

Leonardo Cimolin

Leonardo Cimolin is the furnace’s son.

From blowing to lampworking, from casting to thermoforming, from engraving to grinding.
For Leonardo expressive freedom is having the the technical knowledge of glass. A skill that he not only uses in his works, but which he generously places in the hands of those who wish to understand (and glean) its secrets.

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