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  • The Hopi masks
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  • The Hopi masks
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  • The Hopi masks
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  • The Hopi masks

The Venice Glass Week 2023

09-9-2023 | 17-09-2023

The Hopi masks: the shamanic glass by Alessandro Trambaioli

For the Venice Glass Week 2023, Atelier Muranese is pleased to present the new works by Alessandro Trambaioli: The Hopi masks.
For the umpteenth time the artist demonstrates how curiosity towards the other is able to generate innovative interpretations of Murano glass culture.
Inspired by Hopi shaman masks, a native-american indigenous population present nowadays in Arizona, the artist recreates a metaphysical and surprising work collection.
Through glass master Mario Furlan’s expertise, vivid colors and complex shapes compose mithological figures.
Every figure corresponds to a specific spiritual entity which, in Hopi culture, identifies an ethical spirit or function: symbolic depictions are pursued through a shared and peaceful vision of the world.

From 9th to 17th of September 2023
Open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Atelier Muranese
Calle A. Vivarini, 6
30141 Murano – Venice

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