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01-10-2022 | 09-10-2022

THE LOB by Leo De Carlo

For the Venice Design Week 2022 which will be held from the 1st to the 9th of October, Atelier Muranese is pleased to present LOB, a luminous glass creature created exclusively for our gallery.
Conceived by Leo De Carlo and produced in the furnaces of Multiforme, LOB is a spider that descends from the ceiling, invading the space with its multiple legs and illuminating it. An object in which the aesthetics of nature becomes a resource to re-interpret the Venetian chandelier.

About the designer
Born in Venice in 1972, he graduated in Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic. A child of art, he comes from a family of antique dealers specializing in Venetian glass art. De Carlo is committed to elaborating the craft traditions he came into contact with through his personal creative universe. This gives rise to a mix of high culture and pop culture that offers a playful, sometimes disturbing vision of the contemporary world.

About the opera
LOB: the archaic English word LOBBE stands for “spider,” in English lob means “hanging” so it falls perfect for a chandelier. A spider descends from the ceiling, its multiple legs invading the space and illuminating it. Slender limbs move through the air waiting for the next prey. Transparencies and opacities mingle in eerie organic forms. The aesthetics of nature become a tool for re-interpreting the Venetian chandelier.

About Multiforme
“Light up your dreams”: this is the motto of Multiforme, which is embodied in the realization of our lighting works: unique, handcrafted, precious. Our production is divided between a glassworks and offices that, are located in the heart of the Veneto Lighting District, between Padua and Venice. Multiforme is not just a Murano chandelier factory.Since 2009 we have been responding with tailor-made solutions to multiple decorative and custom lighting needs on an international scale, in public and private settings, historic buildings, hotels, restaurants and commercial establishments. The handcrafted soul of our lighting products is reinvented every time we start a new project, when we are confronted with technical requirements and customised requests from architects and designers. It is one of our strengths and we are very proud of it: we design and produce custom chandeliers providing solutions according to the customer’s wishes, even on a large scale and out of scale.

01-10-2022 | 09-10-2022
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