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Leo De Carlo alla Mostra Auto-Exotic

19-05-2023 | 18-06-2023

Atelier Muranese is pleased to announce the presentation of the new work by Leo De Carlo: Ultracoffee. The sculpture will be exhibited at Auto-Exotic, the exhibition created by the Venice Design Biennial on the occasion of the 2023 Architecture Biennale.

Ultracoffee, published by Vetralia, takes up the themes dear to the artist already present in the works in the Atelier Muranese: Ultrabench and Green Past Story. The work evokes the multiple aspects of daily life during the pandemic-long period with an original pop vision.

Ultracoffee is part of the Ultrastory series: metaphorical images handcrafted through the use of polychrome glass hand engraved by the artist. The massive charred wooden block is the background to this allegorical tale: a pop vision that points to the everyday life endured during the lengthy pandemic.
A way to transform a memory into a physical object, through the playful interpretation typical of the artist.

AUTO-EXOTIC / Leo De Carlo
Bocciofila San Sebastiano
Dorsoduro 2371
30123 Venice
Hours: 10.00-18.00
From 19/05 to 18/06