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Glasss Week 2024: Angels by Luigi Voltolina

14-09-2024 | 22-09-2024

Venice Glass Week 2024
17th of September, 5,pm
“Angeli” by Luigi Voltolina, glassmaster Mario Furlan

The artistic partnership between master Mario Furlan and artist Luigi Voltolina, both linked by a passion for glass art and a long friendship, has resulted in a new production of sculptures entitled "Angels." The Angel although iconographically represented through human likeness with wings (the only attribute intermediary between spiritual and material, physical and metaphysical) is an incorporeal, ethereal entity that, like glassy matter, carries with it all the essence of its fiery and luminous nature. Voltolina's drawing research has always focused on the study of the human figure aimed at achieving a stylistic and conceptual synthesis that has found its highest expression in the plastic transposition in glass, mediated by master Furlan.
On September 17 at 5 p.m., in the presence of the artist, master Furlan will create one of the works in the collection live. The public will thus be able to witness the production stages of a unique work created by one of the greatest interpreters of Murano glass sculpture.

17th of September 2024
5 to 7 pm
New Murano Gallery furnace
Calle A. Vivarini, 6a
30141 Murano – Venice