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Manuel Bortolotto

Based in Venice Lido, Manuel Bortolotto conceives and produces his unique furniture and Art Works in mosaic. Each piece, “being lived intensely”, embodies his philosophy and lifestyle, and reveals his absolute care for detail and expertise in the choice of his materials.

Trained in the Fine arts, Manuel took up furniture restoration as an amateur but quickly succeeded in honouring the spirit of the original craftsmen.
As his art horizons widened, the artist moved from interior design to the production of furniture and interior design objects of great worth that are presently on display at his workshop.

Manuel Bortolotto share the belief that furniture and design objects should be unique, each exclusively reflecting the artist’s gesture and thought.
Manuel Bortolotto has a real passion for materials, and an obsession for detail; he adoringly develops his creations by manipulating colours, mosaics and polychromatic glasses.