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Alfredo Sosabravo

Alfredo Sosa Bravo, aka Sosabravo, is a cuban artist born in Sagua la Grande in 1930.
He’s the creator of the original style which has made him famous worldwide, taking inspiration from different instances and re-elaborating them from a personal point of view.

His reality is systematically transfigured in a visionary world made of bizarre looking characters, hybrid beings assembled by different mechanical and anthropomorphic parts.

Due to this, his production is a fine line between Surrealism, for the dreamlike personality of the subjects, and Cubism, for the mechanomorph appearance leaning towards a geometric representation.

For the aggressiveness of colors used, remarkably similar to ones used in graphic advertising, Sosabravo has formed a bond with the instances of Pop Art and, more particularly, with the influence coming from the street art world (as seen in Keith Haring).